The Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Michigan (DSAM) is dedicated to improving the professional careers and working conditions of our members. DSAM been representing and protecting Law Enforcement, Local Corrections Officers, Emergency Dispatchers and Retirees since its founding in 1978.

There are many interests engaged in the political process in Lansing. DSAM is here to be your voice.

Join us. Together we can make Michigan a safer place to live and work.

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I was asked to re-post this video to our public page. My husband has been in law enforcement for 18 years. He wrote and narrated the video, and I used that, along with pictures provided by some of t...

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This video by Amiri King is fabulous. "You could be anti-guy that breaks into houses and shit." #freedipdizzywhizzle 😂👏👏👊 -Liv⚡️

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Want to Care for you all... So Just Stop Using Your Phone while driving, For Gods Sake. #djemwee #care4umessage #stop using #mobilephone while #driving

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